Fluidride Cup DH #3

Fluidride Cup DH #3The Grubworks crew headed down to Mt. Hood Ski bowl for the third leg of the 2008 Fluidride Cup. You would never have known that the snow had just melted away from the course just a week before by the summer-time dust on the course. Good times….

This race also gave me a chance to try out some new equipment…

Luke Strobel

The race was Luke Strobel’s first race after recovering from a broken hand that happened at Sea Otter at the beginning of the year. It looks like he hasn’t been slacking during the time off, taking 4th place behind Bryn Atkinson (1st), Lars Sternberg (2nd), and Bart McDaniel (3rd).

Bryn and Bart

Once again, Good Times………..

I’m working out glitches in the Grubworks Photo Gallery, so for now, check out more pix from the race HERE

WhistlerMountainBike.com ENDUB EMPIRE review

Check out the review of Northwest Dirt Culture III – ENDUB EMPIRE at WhistlerMountainBike.com
Big thanks to Chris Armstrong and WhistlerMountainBike.com.

Covering Oregon, Washington, Idaho & BC these guys covered almost everything that happened in the North West last year and have some great shots to prove it. The whole video has a distinct low key, grass roots feel. The video features a couple sections on Crankworx & the Bearclaw Invitational, but the meat of the video are the smaller events from Oregon, Washington and Vancouver Island.

Endub Empire comes in just under 50 minutes and it was shot completely in HD. I found some of the parts could have been edited down a bit more as some felt just too long. It is not fair to compare the movie with The Collective or New World Disorder as the budgets to produce those ones are much, much higher, but for what it is worth this was a good regional movie.

Opinion: Good video from the Northwest
Plus: Good coverage of Northwest spots that you don’t normally see in videos.
Minus: Could be edited down further.

Website: http://grubworks.com/

Rating: 3.5/5